Cybersecurity: The Challenge to Hire Employees that Solve for a Business Issue

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Cybersecurity is an important concern for companies big and small. Even more so in recent years, where breaches resulting from weak cybersecurity plans have led to multi-billion dollar losses for some companies and bankruptcy for others. Daily occurrences demonstrate the risk posed by crafty attackers—from individual, malicious hackers, to professional and organized groups of cyber-criminals with game plans for strategically stealing intellectual property and hurting businesses.

The managing board of any business is tasked with ensuring that its organization understands cyber risks and knows how to set the right priorities. Focusing on technology alone to address these issues is not enough.

Hiring cybersecurity professionals with the same outdated skillset is a recipe for disaster.

Cybersecurity is no longer “the IT department’s problem,” it is a business issue. Effectively managing cyber risk means putting in place the right governance and the right supporting processes, along with the right enabling technology and the right diverse workforce.

Common Misconception: 

“We are safe as long as we invest in best-in-class security tools”


 Effective cybersecurity is less dependent on technology and
more dependent on the humans using it.

While best-in-class tools are essential for basic security, and must be integrated into the technology architecture, they are not the most important piece of a comprehensive, robust cybersecurity strategy. In fact, technical tools should be the output, not the driver, of an effective cybersecurity plan.

A solid security policy starts with developing a diverse, talented line of cyber-defense.You guessed it! We are talking about humans. The human factor is and remains, for both IT professionals and the end user, the weakest link in relation to cybersecurity–any type of security for that matter.

Investment in the best tools will only deliver the return when your employees are trained on the latest tools and strategies employed by cyber-attackers, when they bring a variety of skills and expertise to the table, and when they understand their responsibilities to keep their networks safe.

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