Veteran Sales and Workforce Development Executive Takes Helm at School for IT Pros

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BOSTON — Carol Roby will serve as Executive Director of CyberWarrior Academy and Diversity IT Network

CyberWarrior Academy, a social enterprise and workforce development program of Advoqt Technology Group, is pleased to announce Carol Roby as its new executive director. CyberWarrior Academy was founded with the support of Skillworks (The Boston Foundation) and the City of Boston.

Roby, a veteran sales enablement executive and “people development” specialist, will guide the academy, which provides cybersecurity training and career placement services for underserved individuals, women, and veterans with 2 to 5 years of IT industry experience.

“For more than 20 years, Carol has been a leader and successful entrepreneur, guiding organizational sales efforts and staff development and launching her own firms that did the same,” said Reinier Moquete, CEO of Advoqt and founder of the CyberWarrior Academy. “Now more than ever the tech sector needs innovative guidance to help diversify their ranks and groom new leadership. We couldn’t be happier to have someone of Carol’s caliber leading this unique initiative.”

Cybersecurity jobs are among the fastest growing in the United States and globally. According to Burning Glass the sector grew by 73 percent from 2007-2012, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects another 37 percent growth through 2022. According to a report from Cybersecurity Ventures, Cybercrime will more than triple the number of job openings over the next 5 years which will lead to 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide by 2021.

The curriculum at CyberWarrior Academy is intensive, pragmatic, and hands-on. Training is delivered by cybersecurity practitioners and white-hat hackers, and include real-world exposure to the rapidly changing threat landscape. Not only will students develop the technical competency to deliver immediate value to sponsor employers but they will also learn how to constantly investigate new innovations that will keep their skills relevant.
Roby, an MBA graduate of the Simmons College School of Management and member of the Network of Executive Women, has been a senior vice president with the Impact Seat, a knowledge bank and research, consulting, and training company which partners with others to create greater organizational diversity and inclusion.

In addition to service on the advisory board of the Simmons College Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization and on the Fenway Community Health Center Board of Visitors, Roby also launched initiatives and helped build and grow business with leading performance organizations Forum Corporation and Fusion Learning. And as an entrepreneur, Roby co-founded Talent Trust (later acquired by Means Business), a consulting firm that developed programs for companies seeking to identify, recruit and develop top talent in select demographic areas.
“I am deeply passionate about the vision and mission of the social ventures of Advoqt and look forward to leveraging my skills and interests to help build and grow these entities to serve the critical needs of all organizations. Additionally, our work will make a lasting impact on people’s lives and the communities they live in.”

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