CyberWarrior Academy

The transition from other IT roles to Cybersecurity can take 5 to 10 years… CyberWarrior Academy can get you started in 10 weeks full time or 6-month part time!

CWA is your direct path to a cybersecurity career.

This immersive curriculum includes extensive hands-on skill building and tools to help you manage your career.  CWA students graduate with the sought after knowledge and credentials for immediate employment in roles such as Security Analysts and Information Security Engineers.

Typically, we find that students with some degree of technical
skill or experience are most successful in our CWA program.  Examples of the types of backgrounds that we recruit from are: IT Help Desk, Network Administration, System Administration, Web Development and Programming.


or less of applicants are qualified
for available cybersecurity roles

million more cybersecurity
professionals are needed by 2022

dollars is the average salary
for IT security professionals

CyberWarrior Academy (CWA) Program

The Program delivers hands on training, including applied, technical training in cybersecurity methods and procedures as well as professional and career navigation training. The technical training will be delivered by security practitioners. Professional development will be delivered by career coaches with training in the areas of emotional intelligence and leadership development. Modules are designed leveraging a case method which utilizes a scenario covering the topics learned in the module enabling students to immediately apply and reinforce the learning. Additionally, Subject Matter Experts, within the IT and Security fields engage with students presenting “real world” views of the industry and topic areas covered. Experts also serve as coaches and panel judges in various presentations and capstone exercises. Students will receive virtual machines, courseware slides, lab manual, and lab access.

Part-time Program


Hands on Modules begin Tuesday TBD


Tuesday and Thursdays

6 pm to 9:30 pm ET

Saturdays (Alternating)

9 am to 12 pm ET & 1 pm to 4 pm ET

Full-time Program




Monday – Friday

8:30am – 5:00pm


Esmeralda, Class of 2018

CEH course gives us the knowledge, information, and teaches us strategies that will be carried into future jobs using tools we will use in real world engagements. Also, it helps us see and think the same as a hacker and execute similar strategies in order to prevent network attacks.

Alfredo, Class of 2018

Jesus, (Advoqt’s Instructor) has the ability to simplify complex ideas. He knows how to engage the classroom. He can answer any question with examples from his experience for us to apply what’s learned in class.

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