Our Partners

Our partners help us to amplify the impact in our communities. In collaboration with all sectors, we reach a broader audience and provide the support needed to guarantee the success of participants. To explore the engagement opportunities we offer, please contact Yarice Hidalgo at [email protected]


Our Corporate Partners bring great added value when they offer real-life experiences to youth and adults interested in the field of cybersecurity.
Career Exploration Day

Host a group of students to learn about the cybersecurity field, experience your company’s culture, participate in a project-based activity, and connect with professionals who can share their career journey and advice to promote professional growth. ​

Host a Special Event
Corporations can support our efforts by hosting a fundraising event or a Capture the Flag competition.
Sponsor a School Team
Our annual Capture the Flag competition brings teams of students from different schools interested in testing their Cybersecurity skills against others. This event promotes Cybersecurity as a career path and helps students develop the skills they need to succeed in this field. ​

Corporations can financially support teams and coach them for success!

Become a Volunteer
When employees participate in initiatives that benefit their community, their loyalty and appreciation for the company increase. Let’s connect and explore one-time or long-term volunteer opportunities to give back to your communities.

Nonprofit Organizations or Community Centers

To effectively deliver our programs, we partner with nonprofits and community centers that service youth and are committed to help them explore fast-growing career paths like Cybersecurity.​

In collaboration, we offer exploratory courses as part of afterschool programs/clubs, during school vacation, or their daily academic offer.

Bringing our educational programming to your organization or school.

Promoting the participation of Computer Science Teachers in professional development seminars.

Promoting our programs.

Media Partners

Our Media partners create awareness, promote our programs, the impact of our work, and spotlight testimonials of students to highlight the economic mobility that can be achieved by working in Cybersecurity.  

Create awareness, promote our programs, highlight the impact of our work, and spotlight testimonials of students who have successfully followed a career path in technology or Cybersecurity.  

Make a Donation

Each donation helps us close the opportunity and salary gap in our under-represented communities.

The impact of your support:

  • $50 sponsor one cybersecurity testimonial session
  • $100 access to our educational platform for a full year
  • $150 Scholarship for one student to participate in a one-week educational program
  • $500 Scholarship for one student to participate in our summer program (4-weeks)