Our Impact

Since 2016 (2019 “officially”), CyberWarrior Foundation has been creating high-wage career opportunities in Cybersecurity for historically underrepresented, underserved and marginalized communities. We bridge the salary gap for those for whom college studies are not an option (either by lack of money, due to special needs, or any other reason) including High School students, women, veterans, and underemployed individuals. ​

What we have achieved

In 2022 we have:

  • Enhanced and tailored our educational platform for youth and other participants exploring the field. ​
  • Advised 6 schools and 2 organizations on how to implement Cybersecurity courses for their communities. ​
  • Established partnerships with funders and service organizations to amplify our impact. ​
  • Created of Program Advisory Committee to evaluate and improve our program offer. ​
  • Engaged 12 corporations to support our programming. ​
  • Defined engagement opportunities for all sectors. ​

Our Social Reach

We have benefited about 200 participants so far. ​


CISA Scholarships granted


Lawrence High School Students


With our first Winter Break Camp


Projection: 300 students​

Main activities in 2022

  • Adaptation of the following Curriculum: Computer Fundamentals, Introduction to Linux, and Introduction to Python.
  • Creation of My Cybersecurity Portfolio class
  • Training for over 150 students
  • Professional Development opportunities for teachers
  • Engagement with Cybersecurity Corporations
  • CWF was invited to participate in: Bank of America

Beneficiaries that participated in 2021 – 2022 – 2023


2022: Lawrence High School Students – 150


2023: Winter Break Camp – 40 students


2023: Projection: 300 students

Success Stories

Bryner Amparo

Young man that joined cyberwarrior for an internship, he talked about the importance that CyberWarrior had in his professional development. This kind of educational experience, with an organization that offers on-hand experience with real life problems, is unreachable if not by the work that CyberWarrior does every day. 


One of the most important impacts that CyberWarrior has is to give an educational opportunity to young men and women that never had this kind of opportunities. The resources we offer can change a life and offer a chance to reduce the inequality gap in an effective way, by this we contribute in the building of a space for development. 

We need to find more cases that talk about the impact, of our interaction, in young men and women that live in a vulnerable state, success cases, internships with big enterprises, etc. This in order to show living proof of the impact that education has on the reduction of the inequality gap.

Mariel Le

Tek Synap Desktop Support Representative 

Before entering CyberWarrior she was serving in the military for 10 years. She was searching for a career opportunity where there could be flexibility and that offered an opportunity to be around her family. 

The CyberWarrior Bootcamp helped her to access tools, knowledge, mentors and opportunities she would never have had if she hadn’t taken our programs. 

She emphasizes the help that supplemental classwork and studies that were immediately applicable in a professional scenario. Also, she thinks that the reason she succeeded in the program was all the help, advice and training with professional and capable teachers that CyberWarrior offered. 

Our Partners

Organizations, schools, community center that we have collaborated with.