Our Programs

How we do it!

We are uniquely qualified to deliver project-based/hands-on training program to explore the field and develop basic  cybersecurity skills. The Cybersecurity Pathway can help under-represented communities to close the salary gap and promote economic mobility for all. 

Educational Programs for Adults and Youth

For Youth

  • Cybersecurity Discovery Courses – In-school workshops, school vacations, and summer camps.
  • Social Emotional Learning for Career Readiness
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Catch the Flag Competition

For Adults

  • Seminar on Cybersecurity Pathways and Career Opportunities

(the field, necessary skills, and certifications)

  • Current scholarship offers are available like CISA.

For Youth and Adults

  • Career Exploration
  • Hands-on Experiences
  • Mentoring
Professional Development
  • Job Opportunities and Placement support
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Management of Professional Cybersecurity Network
  • Educational Annual Summit for all professional levels

We develop our participants´ true potential to achieve economic mobility with a job/ career path in CybersSecurit, for that, we have set up five strategic goals:

Raise awareness about growing careers, like Cybersecurity, that offer high economic mobility without having an immediate higher ed degree. We implement a Cybersecurity Curriculum in High Schools, community centers, and nonprofits, that integrates competitive skill-building exercises/hands-on experiences or labs.

Diversify and increase Skilled Workers in the Cybersecurity Field. Through new educational methodologies, programs, and assessment tools we foster learning opportunities and hands-on experiences to build and sustain a miscellaneous and inclusive cybersecurity workforce from our diverse array of participants.

We accompany our participants in their seeking for a job/ career. Our seasoned professionals in their field mentors advise and guide our participants during the program in their learning and hands-on experiences. We also develop Mentoring Opportunities with third-sector and in-the-field experiential learning leaders through career exploration activities, internships, or summer jobs.

We provide development opportunities for teachers. Through a constant update of new technologies, career demands, and the necessary skills in the CyberSecurity area, we enhance the capabilities and upgrade the knowledge of teaching professionals, so they can guide our new generations into a job/ career path.

We network with key partners to increase our reach and social impact. As an approved cybersecurity apprenticeship provider, we partner with nonprofit, public/ private organizations, and companies to reskill the unemployed, underemployed, and incumbent workforce, and prepare them for careers in cybersecurity. We also enhance the capabilities of organizations to effectively recruit, hire, develop, and retain talented people to manage cybersecurity risks.