Cybersecurity Workforce Development and Training Pilot for Underserved Communities

CyberWarrior  was developed to create high-wage career opportunities for historically underrepresented communities, including the underserved, women, veterans, and underemployed individuals. Its mission is to bridge the technology skills and diversity gaps by providing the cybersecurity training, employment opportunities, and transitional support necessary for people from underserved communities to gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities for career opportunities and growth in one of America’s highest-paid tech sectors.

Our program with the Department of Homeland Security and CISA serves people from the Northeast (CISA Region #1) and the Southeast (CISA Region #4). If you are from a state on one of the following maps, sign up here for more information, and let us talk with you about how you can kickstart your career in cybersecurity.

If you aren’t from one these regions, click  here  to learn about what options exist for you.